Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Stream SURF Superior Tool for Live Webcasting

If you are serious about taking your webcasts to the next level or simply wanting to launch live streaming for your organization, you should know that Viewcast's Go Stream SURF is a superior tool for Live Webcasting. The portable live encoder comes from the manufacturers of the Osprey capture cards which have been the de facto standard for many building live encoders in the streaming space. Enter the Go Stream SURF live encoder, which is portable and user friendly with an easy to use push button interface and common audio and video inputs for ease of use. The Go Stream SURF, which can be accessed via the internet for set-up and use, has three buttons on the front panel that can be programmed for live encoding to specific datarates. You can program three different encoding datarates and have them all performing live streaming and the same time. The live streaming solution is qualified and very heavy duty.

So, if you need to do small or large webcasts on a regular basis in the field or in a set environment, you'll find a lot of benefit in using the Go Stream SURF. Viewcast's encoder can be used for streaming to many of the popular streaming servers such as: Adobe's Flash Streaming Server, Wowza Media Server Pro (for Flash Streaming), Windows Media Streaming Server, and Real Networks' Helix Universal Server.

If you purchase a Go Stream SURF and need assistance with set-up you can contact Derrick for Go Streaming SURF Consulting and he can walk you through the set-up and assist you in implementing your live encoder on-line. This can also be done in your production environment on-site. Call Derrick Freeman at 407-477-5837 for more details on your consulting needs.