Thursday, January 29, 2009

Setting Default Compression Filters in Squeeze 5

One of the new features in Sorenson Squeeze 5 the ability to set a Default Filter to be applied to all your compression jobs.  This works well for scenarios where you know you're going to be using a particular compression filter over and over.


To set your Default Filter go into the Squeeze Preferences, by selecting the Squeeze Pull-down menu.  Then, select the Preferences option.


Navigate to the Default Settings tab in the Preferences Dialog window. Notice the section at the top that is labeled Default Filter to Be Applied to Every Compression. In this area, you can click the Pop-up menu where Default Filter is displayed, to choose a filter to use as your default.  In my case I have a Filter setting called Normalize set as my Default Filter. 


Once your Default Filter is selected, whenever you drag compression settings to video files in the Batch Tree (similar to above), your Default Filter will be applied. This will save you an extra step.

Special Note: 
When creating compression Filter settings, you can include a host of adjustments such as Cropping, Contrast, Hue, Watermarks, Audio Volume, Deinterlacing and other adjustments all in one Filter setting.